Josefina Jewels

Josefina Jewels

Josefina's Jewels it's a Puerto Rican based model brand that ships all over the world.

We offer long-lasting quality pieces while mantaining an affordable price point.

Our brand comes from a family of third-generation jewelers, who have over 30 years of experience.

Our pieces are crafted replicating fine jewelry techniques such as hand-setting Cubic Zirconia stones over Black Rhodium on 18k Gold Plated Brass, ensuring durability and resistance.

Carla Josefina is a third generation jeweler from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her love for jewelry began as a little girl; wandering the streets of Old San Juan with her grandfather Isidro, who founded the family jewelry business Letran in 1963.

After graduating college in 2010, Carla started working full time in Letran where she discover her passion for colors, gemstone and design.

Carla Launched her first handmade collection in 2012, and she recently partnered with her brother Alfredo Martinez to embark a new journey by creating JOSEFINA, whose name is inspired by their mother and grandmother.

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